BySide helps Telecom industry leaders to streamline their communications to a person to person level. Providing the data to better understand their clients and enabling personalised offers and customer support.

Advantages for Telecom

Accelerate Sales inConvergent Markets

Accelerate sales in convergent markets

With BySide’s Lead Activation framework you will be able to accelerate your sales in a short period of time, be it in the B2C or B2B environment. Without the need for complex or expensive setups between our service and your contact centre you will be able to acquire new customers at a faster pace and retain the existing ones.

Personalised Customer’s Journey

Personalised customer’s journey

Reach your customers with personalised approaches across multiple touchpoints and channels, including the contact centre. By having a clear view of your clients’ profiles: product preferences, previous purchases and preferred channels of communication, you can tailor your campaigns and align your digital efforts to match customer’s expectations and increase satisfaction and the chances of more sales.

All the Insights You Need in One Place

All the insights you need in one place

With BySide Marketing Cloud and Cloud Contact Centre you can have a unifying view and control in real-time of all your campaigns and digital efforts in just one place. Keep track of data from the moment the visitor arrives on your website, until the contact request is made, and how the call centre distributes the calls according to the criteria that you defined, be it visitor information, call centre capacity or agent availability.

The Lead Activation Journey

Understand who your clients are

1 TRACKUnderstand who your clients are

There are three main types of visitors to telecom websites:
1) customers looking for service;
2) customers looking to buy something new;
3) people who are considering switching from the competition.
BySide helps you build these segments based on web and contact analytics, which are synchronised and exported from your CDP.

Score your leads and avoid wasted opportunities

2 QUALIFYScore your leads and avoid wasted opportunities

In assisted sales, which are very significant in the Telecom industry, the faster you reach your leads the higher the chance of a conversion. But if you have more leads than sales agents, how can you manage them efficiently? Use Lead Scoring to establish priorities, create scoring milestones within each segment, based on visit frequency and the number of previous contacts, to decide which leads are warmer and should be handled first.

Create personalised campaigns forbetter results

3 ENGAGECreate personalised campaigns for better results

Specific audiences should be targeted with personalised content based on previously gathered information and their level of qualification. This type of strategy can drive 50% more conversions than using standard content. By personalising specific touchpoints in real-time, each customer will be matched with the most appropriate offers, increasing the chances of conversion.

Increase yoursales and improve business results

4 CONVERTIncrease your sales and improve business results

Assisted sales play a large role in telecom, as clients need to engage with an agent before accepting long-term contracts. With BySide you can interact with your clients through different channels, which you can choose based on visitor profile, behaviour, or other contextual triggers. Call centre agents have real-time access to the user’s profile, allowing them to interact on a more personal level.

Fine-tuned communication inan integrated world

5 ATTRIBUTEFine-tuned communication in an integrated world

Telecoms work with a wide variety of traffic management and lead generation providers. Make sure that you attribute all sales, including assisted sales, to the campaigns that have generated the lead. This is the only way to accurately calculate campaign ROI.

Increase customer lifetime value and find new opportunities

6 NURTUREIncrease customer lifetime value and find new opportunities

The cycle is never over, because there are still opportunities in existing clients and unsuccessful first-time interactions. For those who are already clients, it is possible to reach them with Next Best Offers, based on customer data such as previous purchases and browsing interests. Those who aren’t clients can be put on a separate list to be targeted with specific recovery campaigns across different channels and touchpoints.

Why BySide?



With more than 12 years of experience in the Telecom business, we know what works for your industry and we will share that knowledge with you.



We are always by your side to plan and execute your campaigns. We have a team of specialists to give you valuable insights that will transform your results.



BySide is the right partner for fast-paced scenarios. You can start in less than 24 hours! We privilege quick-win actions over long-term projects.



We believe in business-driven tools rather than tool-driven businesses. Integration over accumulation!

You can take our word for granted, here’s what our customers say

In this challenging period, Byside has been a strategic partner for TAP. Their solutions have improved our sales processes and digital experience. I highly recommend Byside for their professionalism, proactivity and excellence.

Cibelle Ribeiro TAP Miles&Go Operations Manager TAP Air Portugal

BySide became a strategic partner of La Redoute with the implementation of their Click2Call and Chat solutions, which allowed La Redoute to give customer support during the user journey. This partnership has evolved and now includes integrated solutions with our CRM, La Redoute's strong feature, giving more flexibility and agility to our digital marketing campaigns.

Paulo Pinto CEO La Redoute

Experts in lead management and conversion, BySide is the perfect partner for a sales-oriented company. Committed to our goals, they offer technological solutions to every concern, in order to increase sales.

Mikel Ormazabal Ezkurra Online Sales Manager Jazztel

BySide is a long-standing partner of Portugal Telecom, with whom we have been working to take advantage of the growing digital channel opportunities, helping us to transform online visitors into valuable commercial leads.

Pedro Pinheiro Director of E-Commerce Altice

In an increasingly competitive market, it is imperative to choose each partner carefully. To OK! Teleseguros, innovation is a critical success factor and the work done by BySide has been proving to be a valuable asset, not only for their innovative features but also for their proactivity, flexibility, dedication and professionalism. BySide is a positive bet.

Sérgio Carvalho Head of Marketing & Innovation OK! Teleseguros

MásMóvil is a sales-oriented company. In the online world, this means that we need to get the most from each visit and have the best conversion from visit to sale. BySide is the company that guarantees us the best ratios, as well as a wider lead management control. For these reasons, we have decided to trust them with our online service.

Francisco Trujillo Sanchez Online Sales Manager MásMóvil

Thanks to BySide’s Click2Call, HP has been able to improve the quality of its customer support, while managing online lead generation in a more effective way and with great results, when it comes to converting into sales.

Jorge Varela HP

Attaining a solid relationship with the customers through a differentiating service is one of our goals. Being our partner since 2011, BySide has been continuously showing a strong customer orientation and a very proactive attitude. Added up to their competence, this has been helping Seguros Continente become a benchmark of excellence.

André Figueiredo Contact Center Manager Seguros Continente

BySide is a partner that has allowed us, in an agile and flexible way, to increase our conversion rates and provide better service to our users and customers, thanks to its service.

Eduardo López del Hierro Online Sales Director Simyo

Considering how far we have come in the reality of our digital economy, it is perhaps shocking to think about the pace at which it has been growing and evolving, and what it represents nowadays. As it keeps gaining ground, it requires a constant search for more and better services, an attitude that I find in BySide. They add value and innovation to their partners’ businesses. These are the reasons that lead us to consider BySide as an asset to the evolution of the digital world and the online market.

Miguel Melancia E-Commerce Manager Staples

In a world where the customer demands more availability, BySide’s services are undoubtedly a critical factor that has been keeping up with all business demands.

Paula Dias Frontend Coordinator | Customer Support Unibanco

Brands winning with Lead Activation

La Redout
Seguros Continente
Ok Teleseguros
Novo Banco

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