“Consumers are rapidly learning the value of digital through their experiences in other, more advanced industries, and they are coming to expect the same from their telecom operators. “

in PwC, Becoming a digital telecom: be bold, move fast

BySide for Telcos

  1. Competitor targeting: Easily tailor your message according to the visitor’s current service provider, improving conversion rates
  2. Savings calculator: Allow your visitors to automatically calculate how much they will save by switching - a way to help them reach conversion and to gather crucial information about their current spending, that can be used to personalise their journey further
  3. Package configurator: Instead of guessing what your visitors want, just ask them! They will be happy to answer and you will be happy to see them convert.
  4. Coverage test: Integrate BySide’s service with your own coverage test app, and all the information the visitor provides , as well as the results, will automatically become actionable - so you can use them in lead nurturing initiatives
  5. Switching Assistance: Help your leads make a swift change from their current provider with a simple interface with tailored information on how to do it
  6. NPS, Emotion and Customer Happiness: Understand the level of customer satisfaction with our feedback tools: either NPS or online surveys, voice contacts or chat - and instead of just building reports, use the results information to automatically deploy new actions
  7. Holistic Customer View: Create a unique customer profile by integrating different IDs, used in different channels. Establish a single view of the customer, create and deploy multichannel campaigns, get feedback and automate actions based on it

Some of our Telco customers

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