“…while consumers prefer the in-store shopping experience over online, nearly three-fourths (…) intend to do some form of online research prior to making in-store purchases. Therefore, to capture these consumers at the start of their shopping journey, retailers must ensure they have an appealing presence across all platforms apart from merely providing an engaging in-store experience.”

Alison Kenney Paul, vice chairman and US Retail and Distribution leader, Deloitte LLP

BySide for Retail

BySide’s solutions for retail customers provide a complete service to increase purchase value and give each visitor a better shopping experience. In one single platform, there are four essential elements to reach the next level on their company-customer relationships:

  1. ByUnity: create a unique customer profile by integrating different IDs, used in different channels. Establish a single view of the customer, create and deploy multichannel campaigns, get feedback and automate actions based on it
  2. Giving the Customer a Voice: obtain feedback through a suite of tools that can put you in direct contact with your customers, such as NPS, Click2Call, Click2Chat, CoBrowsing and joint form-filling. Use this feedback to enrich customer info, generate reports and automate actions in real time to avoid bounce
  3. Smart Customer Engagement: differentiate your customer engagement approach based on how much each customer is worth for your brand. Segment contact actions based on shopping cart information such as buying stage, basket value or number/type of products
  4. Personal Expert Shopper: create a product-specific, personal shopping experience by directing online-generated contacts to specialised branches, using BySide’s smart branching and contact distribution settings

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