BySide, a pioneer in the digital marketing industry in Portugal, will be one of the featured partners of the WebSummit conference

Porto, October 21st 2016 - BySide, a pioneer in the digital marketing industry in Portugal, will be one of the featured partners of the WebSummit conference, the event that will bring together the most significant players in the world of technology and digital innovation this November in Lisbon.

By partnering with the organisation of an event which has already more than 50 thousand confirmed attendees, BySide will be able to share some its knowledge in the Lead Activation category to a broader audience. It is also looking to announce a new brand, platform and spin-off - ByTalk.

WebSummit will be the perfect stage for BySide to share its work and experience with Lead Activation, a marketing category that can be defined as a performance-based approach to marketing that looks to optimise business results. To do so, you need to know more about each customer or lead, and interact in a personalised manner in order to reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

Vitor Magalhães, BySide’s CEO and co-founder, thinks that “digital marketing today is still almost exclusively focused on generating new visitors to websites, but companies usually do not follow-up on those leads”. He illustrates this with a practical example: “Imagine you are going to open a new restaurant, but you spend your entire budget on advertising and forget about the decor, the menu and the chef. This is the approach that many companies still take when it comes to digital marketing, and we want to change it”.

ByTalk - business communications democratised

BySide will also take the chance to announce its most recent venture: ByTalk.

ByTalk is the result of the will to bridge a gap in the digital marketing services market. Innovative digital marketing and communication solutions are generally out of reach for small and medium-sized companies, either due to their complexity or high costs. On the other hand, SMB-oriented services are usually insufficient and highly fragmented.

The goal is to provide companies of any size with a unified communications service, that combines phone calls, live chat, SMS marketing, email marketing, web campaigns, and a unified view of the customer journey.

Afonso Santos, who is managing the brand, believes that “this is a platform that was designed to help companies such as restaurants, clinics or other small businesses that need this type of solutions”. He also comes up with a use case: “Today, when you call a restaurant to make a reservation, there is no further contact between them and you as a customer. With ByTalk, the customer’s contact will be automatically registered and they can, for instance, send you an SMS reminder of your reservation. Using the platform, they can start sending the customer an email with the menu for the week, or a Happy Birthday text message. When the customer visits the website, he will be recognised and welcomed with a free dessert promotion when making a new reservation. Essentially, every channel and contact is unified, in a simply way that is accessible to everyone.”

About BySide

BySide was featured in the Delloitte Technology Fast 500 index for EMEA both in 2012 and 2013, among the 100 fastest-growing companies in the last 5 years. In 2014, BySide was considered a Gartner Cool Vendor for E-Commerce. In 2015 it figured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in the CRM and Lead Management categories.

BySide’s platform deals with more than 700 million monthly visitors and more than 8 million leads.

Headquartered in Porto, Portugal, it has offices in Madrid, London and Mexico City. Its client portfolio includes global names such as Telefonica, Orange, Barclays, Santander, Parfois, AXA, among many others.

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