After the first international opening in Madrid, in 2010, BySide announces the brand’s new branch in the United Kingdom.

BySide’s new office in the English capital aims to leverage the company’s internationalization process by gaining access to one of the world’s most competitive for digital marketing.

This third location consolidates the company’s international experience - with projects in 23 different countries (including the United States, Brazil and Russia), BySide now seeks to expand further and faster.

Vitor Magalhães, CEO and co-founder of the company says that it “would be difficult to think about an international strategy that did not include a strong position in the UK market as center for Northern Europe.

“London is a fundamental place to any business in this industry”. This new location will allow BySide to be closer to its clients and partners, improving new business opportunities and assuring a better response to client goals and needs in the region.

On the other hand this “entry in one of the world’s most mature markets in digital marketing signals the notoriety and the standard at which our service and solutions are recognized nowadays. It’s a huge step in the growth stage that the company is facing”, adds Vitor Magalhães.

BySide has currently more than 100 clients and is recognized by Gartner as one of its e-commerce “Cool Vendors” and considered one of the most innovative service providers in the segment.

About BySide

BySide offers digital marketing solutions for Lead Activation, a coordinated effort to improve conversion rates for business opportunities generated across channels.

This is done through BySide’s own SaaS platform, a combination of customer data management and lead engagement solutions, with both marketing automation and personalization capabilities. BySide’s differentiates from other solutions in the market by being able to integrate functionalities that are usually scattered across many different tools into one single platform.

Besides being a technology provider, BySide proactively develops optimization strategies together with its clients in order to achieve their business goals through simple, yet powerful initiatives.

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