Looking to innovate in the customer service field, MEO has released a free video call service on their website in partnership with digital marketing company BySide: MEO Video2Call.

By adding this feature, MEO embraces the connection between the offline and online worlds and allows its clients to have a different experience since their first contact with the brand. It also represents yet another step in the continuous effort to improve customer service, showing transparency in product and service communication.

MEO Video2Call allows visitors to request a free contact where they can talk to and see a MEO customer representative live online. Being totally web-based, the Video2Call functionality is a turn-key solution of the BySide platform, which is totally web-based, hence not requiring any software installation.

About BySide

BySide offers digital marketing solutions for Lead Activation, a coordinated effort to improve conversion rates for business opportunities generated across channels.

This is done through BySide’s own SaaS platform, a combination of customer data management and lead engagement solutions, with both marketing automation and personalization capabilities. BySide’s differentiates from other solutions in the market by being able to integrate functionalities that are usually scattered across many different tools into one single platform.

Besides being a technology provider, BySide proactively develops optimization strategies together with its clients in order to achieve their business goals through simple, yet powerful initiatives.

For more information:

E.: vitor.magalhaes@byside.com

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