“Banks should build their customer experience initiatives through digital activities to differentiate their business in the market and reap the benefits of this evolving consumer age. (…) consumers help develop the personalised products and services they want and for which they are willing to pay a premium.”

in PwC, Eyes Wide Shut: Global insights and actions for banks in the digital age

BySide for Banking

BySide Banking is a all in one solution for secure one-2-one personalisation and multichannel campaign management. It includes 5 key strategic elements to holistic banking channel management:

  1. Security: extend your content personalisation capabilities without compromising security. Identify the customer with token-based encryption, attribute different levels of identification trust (accuracy) and set up new content through BySide’s proxy, guaranteeing that all communications are made within your own network, no 3rd parties involved
  2. Multichannel Integration: build a unified view of the customer by integrating information from online and offline channels, and deploying coordinated marketing actions across all distribution points
  3. ByFlow: service subscription and account opening: simplify processes through a multichannel application that connects to your CRM and automatically generates the needed documents to finish the deal
  4. Customer Engagement and Feedback: engage in different ways with different customers; understand how they feel through direct communication and proactive surveys
  5. Banking Applications: create a messaging center to exchange personalised messages with customers, or build an MGM application to acquire new qualified leads through referrals

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